3D Mosaic CHA006

3D Mosaic CHA006

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Type: 3D Mosaic

3D Mosaic CHA006

Order Procedure

What are your main advantages?

1. Selection of products and specify the dimensions. To get confirmation of stone. Samples are available.
2. Estimation and quotation on products, shipping and insurance cost.
3. Confirmation about the order information (quantity, price, delivery time, payment terms etc.).
4. Down payment to be sent or L/C to be set up. Fax bank statement as confirmation.
5. Production by our factory. Inspection of the finished products (customer comes here to inspect or our inspectors do it).
6. Packing, transport, make shipment to your nearest port or your final address. Submit the relevant documents (invoice, packing list, bill of lading) to the bank or fax them directly to clients to require the balance's payment.

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What are your main advantages?

A: 15 years' export experience, clients in 45 countries
B: Own quarries and factories make stable supply and competitive prices.
C: 200 cavers in marble factory and 150 cavers in granite factory make clients no worry of delivery.
D: fine quality checking, view the introduction at homepage.

Do you accept retail order?

Yes, we do accept retail order.

What is the minimum quantity you require?

We sell to wholesaler, retailer and individual, with different price policy. No minimum order requirement.

Do you also make customized design?

Yes. We can do any dimension for any products as per client requirement

What is your port of loading?

Marble, sandstone, limestone, travertine - mainly ship from Xingang (Tianjin), China Granite - ship from Qingdao and Xiamen, China

How long can my order be finished? How soon can I get my ordered products?

1): Normally one container order needs 10 - 25 days.
2): transportation duration information:
3): West European main port: 27 days
4): Felixstowe / Belfast / South Ampton: 40 days
5): Dublin: 35days
6): Western coast of America: about 18 days
7): Eastern coast of America: about 30 days
8): Other destination please email us to get our answer.

Are you sure the packing will be excellent?

Yes, we are sure that our packing is safe enough. We use strong wooden crates for outside packing. Inside, we use carboard box.

If damage happens during the transportation who will be responsible for that?

We will buy "all risks" insurance as per your requirement. In the case of damage happens, firstly you can refer to the insurance company to claim the damage. If the damage occurred due to the fault of packing, our company will take the responsibility.

What is your acceptable payment?

L/C (Letter of Credit), T/T (Telegraphic transfer), D/P

How can I get more information or place an order?

Please email, fax or call us to place your order.
E-mail: karen@chitrust.com
Tel: +0086-592-5586952--ext.828
Fax: +0086-592-5598880
Website: http://www.mosaicsuppliers.com

  • We are capable of doing various kinds of finish for the stone products, such as follows.
  • Sawn cut, natural split, honed, flamed, bush hammered, pineapple, fine picked, rough picked, flamed and brushed, bush hammered and brushed, sandblasted, tumbled, antique, acid-washed, natural cleft, waterjet, brushed, hand-cut, machine cut, machine pulled, groove, fine lined, mushroom surface, filled, grinded and any other finishes you may require. If you have any special finish, you may contact us or provide us with the drawings, we will be able to customize it for you.

  • Below are explanations to some typical surface finishes:

  • 1、Polished:

  • To smooth or brighten a surface increasing the reflective quality and luster by chemical or physical processes. Generally gloss levels could be measured by a gloss meter.

  • 2、Honed:

  • To grind a surface with a high grit material to a uniform specification without producing a reflective surface.

  • 3、Flamed:

  • This surface is rough in texture and is developed through intense heat during fabrication. The stone is heated and crystals begin to pop, thus forming a rough surface. This surface is very porous and must be treated with Stoneguard.
    Ancient (flamed and brushed): Brush the flamed surface to make it more smooth.

  • 4、Tumbled:

  • It gives the stones an archaic appearance. The slightly rough texture is achieved by tumbling small pieces of marble, limestone, and sometimes granite. It often requires application of Stone Color Enhancer to bring out the colors.

  • 5、Sandblasted:

  • Pressurized flow of sand and water that provides the stone a matte, textured surface.

  • 6、Bush Hammered:

  • This rough, textured surface is developed through pounding action on the stone. The degree of roughness is controllable.

  • 7、Sawn:

  • i.e. unpolished. It is not advisable to buy this way because : floor polishers do not give as good a polish as factory machine polishers. Many defects are not visible easily before polishing.

  • 8、Mushroom:

  • in fact, the finish is natural cleft. Just the appearance is like a "Mushroom".

  • 9、Filled:

  • When travertine is used for tiles and slabs, it is usually "filled"—that is, the surface holes are filled with cement or sometimes epoxy, and then polished or honed like any other stone tiles or slabs.
    waterjet surface: it is usually done by a high pressure of around 25000 PSI, the surface will become rough and more importantly this finish could restore the color.

  • 10、Calibration:

  • To grind a surface with a high grit material to a uniform surface to maintain the thickness variation.

  • 11、Gangsaw:

  • To grind two sides of the stone surfaces with a high grit material to a uniform specification without producing a reflective surface.

  • 12、Free lengths:

  • i.e. lengths varying randomly while width is constant are also very attractive. Choose the widths as per the expected floor area. Buy random lengths and cut at your site to fit.