XiaMen Chitrust Import & Export Co.,Ltd.

XiaMen chitrust Import & Export Co.,Ltd.

Xiamen chitrust is a company combined with factory and trade company. We have got the certificate of ISO9001. Ever since its foundation in 1992. we have been devoting to producing high quality stone products.

We supply all kinds of construction products especially project products. Through several years of industrious work and successful management. We have developed into a prosperous company, specializing in quarrying, stone design and fabrication.

With Quality First, Customer First born in mind, we adopt advanced equipment and quality control system to guarantee an exact customer requested quality. We take pride in an honest and responsible, friendly and consistent client relationship.Excellent service and cooperation will be provided at every stage of your inquiry and order, with quality and consistency guaranteed. Latest but not least, we offer you the privilege of purchasing your products directly from our factory at competitive prices.

We believe that with our excellent stone sources, rich production experience and superior craftsmanship, you would find us to be a reliable supplier and business partner. It is our great pleasure if you would favor us an opportunity for a mutually beneficial cooperation, please kindly keep us advised of your commend.

We Deal with Honesty and Integrity

WP and its people always conduct business with uncompromising honesty and integrity. People in every job are expected to adhere to the highest standards of business ethics and fairness in all of our dealings with customers, suppliers, communities, government officials and agencies, and other Chitrust people. We trust that the people and organizations we work with will treat us the same.

We Produce and Deliver Products More Efficiently

To offset some of the rising costs of materials, equipment and labor, we are constantly improving the productivity of every business process and job function. Every business area and department is expected to demonstrate higher productivity and safety performance each year. We increase productivity by changing and improving work practices, investigating and implementing new technologies, and eliminating errors and waste.

At our company, individuals are responsible for championing new ideas to improve their job efficiency, implementing improvement processes, which compare current performance with goals. The company also expects people to work with teams to improve company-wide practices. As our company implements improved productivity practices in each of its business entities, we expect cost performance ratios to decline, making the company one of the leaders in cost efficiency and market competitiveness.

Order Procedure

  1. 选择产品及指定规格,寄送样品,确认样品无误

    Selection of products and specify the dimensions. To get confirmation of stone. Samples are available.

  2. 产品、运输和保险费用的估计和报价

    Estimation and quotation on products, shipping and insurance cost.

  3. 订单信息确认(数量、价格、交货时间、付款条件等)

    Confirmation about the order information (quantity, price, delivery time, payment terms etc.).

  4. 被派或信用证付款方式。传真银行声明确认

    Down payment to be sent or L/C to be set up. Fax bank statement as confirmation.

  5. 工厂生产,检查成品(顾客亲自检查或我们的检查员做)

    Production by our factory. Inspection of the finished products (customer comes here to inspect or our inspectors do it).

  6. 包装,运输,装运到你最近的港口或你的最后地址,提交有关文件(发票,装箱单,提单)到银行或传真给他们,尾款的支付

    Packing, transport, make shipment to your nearest port or your final address. Submit the relevant documents (invoice, packing list, bill of lading) to the bank or fax them directly to clients to require the balance's payment.

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    Specialized in granite, marble, nanoglass limestone & basalt slab, tile, vanity top & countertop; all kinds of outdoor paving stone, kerb, stair & palisade etc.; cultured stone & wall stone; mosaic; garden stone carving ornaments; construction/project stuff like: column & pillar, window sill & molding, door surround,handrail & baluster, statue carved & large fountain etc.

    Take charge of European, South & North American and Middle East markets.

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